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++ Breaking: Lifeless Woman Found in Trier Hotel Room ++

TRIER. According to press release by the police, a lifeless woman was found in a hotel room room in downtown Trier this Monday morning, March 28th.

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Investigators do not exclude that it could be a homicide. The police asks the public for understanding that further information cannot yet be made public.

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++ Breaking: Violent Felony! Dead Woman Found in Trier Hotel Was Ukrainian ++

TRIER. The dead female found yesterday, March 28, in a hotel in Trier was a 38 year old Ukrainian citizen. The preliminary results of the autopsy confirmed that the woman was the victim of a violent felony, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

According to investigations thus far, the felony was most likely a crime of passion. Allegedly, the perpetrator is another Ukrainian citizen.

Based on the investigations at this point, both rented the hotel room on Saturday, March 26. The whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator are unknown at the present time.

So as to not compromise the investigations, no further details are being made public for the time being.

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++ Accident at the Martinsufer: 14 Children and Youths Injured – Hotline Established ++

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TRIER. This morning, at 7.25 am, a severe traffic accident involving a school bus occurred at the Martisufer [banks of the river Mosel]. Apart from the bus driver, there were 35 children, youths and a young adult in the bus of line 25 of the regional public transportation company VRT, according to the City of Trier. 14 of them were rushed to the hospital, some with severe injuries. The remaining 22 children are being cared for in the Toni-Chorus-Hall. They will get a medical exam before being returned to their parents.

The City of Trier has established a hotline for parents under 718-1817.

Many firefighters and paramedics are at the site of the accident.

For reasons yet unknown, the school bus suddenly swerved from the road, hitting a tree as it took a turn after crossing the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bridge.

The Martinsufer is still closed for traffic. Drivers are being asked to take a detour.

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Trial After Gas Station Murder: Videos Show Deadly Shot – Mother of Victim Leaves Court Room

Police Officers Securing the Gas Station On the Morning After the Murder. Image: Christian Schulz/Foto Hosser/dpa

BAD KREUZNACH. Several videos by security cameras were shown in the trial of a murder committed because of a mask mandate at a gas station in Rhineland-Palatinate. Among other things, the videos showed the quarrel between the defendant, who tried to buy beer with our wearing a mask, and the employee, who refused the purchase. The videos also showed the 50 year old defendant returning to the gas station later, walking up to the cash register, saying something to the employee briefly, pulling out a revolver, and shooting the 20 year old man into the head at point-blank range.

The audio was hardly intelligible. The mother of the victim, who is present at the trial as a joint plaintiff, left the court room when the footage was shown.

Last Friday, the 50 year old defendant had admitted to firing the deadly shot. He said that he couldn’t explain his actions up to this day. He was aware of the gravity of his crime and asked the victim’s relatives for forgiveness.

The deed had occurred last September in Idar-Oberstein (Birkenfeld County) and had left people shocked all over Germany. The 50 year old German is also being tried for the illegal possession of a firearm.

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State Election in the Saarland: 23 Votes Too Few – No Changes in Green Party’s Vote Total

The State Legislature in Saarbrücken. Image: picture alliance/Oliver Dietze/dpa/Archivbild

SAARBRÜCKEN. As they were determining the final result of the election of the state parliament in the Saarland, none of the three county election boards found any change in its voting districts regarding the votes cast for the Green Party.

“The exact total of votes counted on Sunday was confirmed. Nothing was found in addition to that,” said the spokesperson for the Region of Saarbrücken with regards to the Saarbrücken voting district on Friday, after a meeting of the local County Election Board.

In the Saarlouis district, there were no changes in the vote tally either, the spokesperson of the county said on Friday. And the district of Neunkirchen, whose board had met on Thursday, also announced: “There were no changes regarding the Green Party.”

The final result of the election of the state legislature that took place on March 27 will be announced by the State Election Board on April 6. The Green Party in the Saarland had failed to pass the 5% threshold by only 23 votes, Green Party officials said. According to the preliminary result, the Social Democrats/SPD will hold 29 out of 51 seats. The Christian Democrats/CDU secured 19 seats, the Alternative for Germany/AfD three.

Generally, no “relevant changes” were found in the Saarbrücken district during the recount. Only the Social Democrats received one vote more than originally ascertained, which, however, has no impact on the outcome. Further, the number of invalid ballots decreased by 70 because these were mail-in ballots – which are to be discarded, not counted as invalid. “A purely statistical matter,” a spokesperson said.

Likewise, the number of invalid ballots in the Saarlouis district deceased by 14. “In one precinct, the number of invalid mail-in ballots was erroneously added to the invalid ballots cast in person,” the spokesperson said.

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++ Murder of Ukrainian woman: Hotel Murder Suspect Arrested – Site and Time of Arrest Surprising ++

Image: Lokalo (se)

TRIER. The Ukrainian suspect in a murder committed in a Trier hotel March 26, searched for by prosecutors and police with an international arrest warrant, was arrested last night, police announced on Saturday.

Based on the initial results of the investigation as well as a thorough manhunt, officers of the Federal Police were able to apprehend the suspect last night, at 0.20 a.m., in a train near Regensburg.

When faced with the officers, the 34 year old man acquiesced in his arrest without trying to resist. He will now be presented to a judge at the Local District Court of Regensburg and taken to prison after the reading of the international warrant.

Because of ongoing investigations, we ask that you abstain from questions regarding the matter for the time being.

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