5 Predictions for AI Software Development Trends in 2021

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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining momentum in software development, helping technological innovations succeed. Because of this, the possibility of self-driving cars is fast becoming a reality.

From enhanced data security, bugs and error identification to automatic code generation, AI impacts software development to make technologies more productive and efficient.

For instance, an AI contract review automatically classifies documents. It also sends alerts and red flags to ensure no issues are found. AI identifies problems in semantics, paragraphs, and clauses, saving you the task of going over your documents.

In fact, tech experts, IT leaders, startups, and tech geeks anticipate emerging AI trends to prepare how it can reshape and impact their business and service. That is why AI trend predictions – how bold or conservative they may be – are much awaited at every start of the year.
Dig deeper and check out these relevant predictions for AI Software Development this 2021.

1. AI Will be More Prevalent in Cybersecurity
There has been a record high of cybercrimes and attacks in the past years as cybercriminals have taken advantage of user complacency and low-security passwords to breach personal and corporate accounts.

Hackers are also using the pandemic work to their advantage by attacking remote accounts of workers not on their company sites. Knowing full well that a device that is not on the company’s premise can be vulnerable, they access and hack vital information from these accounts.

There are high hopes that AI, machine learning platforms, and human insights and expertise will rise above the challenge of cybersecurity this year.

Seeing the need for more resilient and secure software to prevent ransomware, phishing, and account takeover, cybersecurity companies are gearing towards using AI to better the current cybersecurity situation.

2. AI Will Outsize Telemedicine Healthcare
The pandemic intensifies the need and importance of AI in the healthcare industry. The disturbance and chaos brought about by COVID-19 have made many healthcare and tech industries realize the vital use of AI technology in telemedicine, thermal screening, vaccine development, and even pandemic detection.

Telemedicine apps and platforms have never been this relevant, and there are still limited companies offering this service. AI is crucial in developing telemedicine software. It is essential for information integration, ease of use, and even digital diagnosis.

Building a telemedicine app requires security features, location service, appointment management, secure messaging, and wireless testing, among others, and all that is made possible because of AI.

Since more and more people are comfortable not leaving their homes and going outside for a doctor’s appointment, AI in telemedicine is expected to increase rapidly this year.

3. AI Will be Taking Over Predictive Analytics

Data and information come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. It is daunting to get insights without taking time and effort to extract useful statistics.

This is where AI and predictive analytics comes into play. By adopting an AI-powered analytic tool, you will get valuable information about your business and your competitor, which can help predict future trends, income, and customer buying decisions.

AI is not just relevant for big tech companies and large industries. Because more entrepreneurs, big or small, are taking their businesses online, predictive analytics has never been this valuable.

One way to succeed in any business, especially in digital marketing, is how you gather relevant data to better your business.

AI technology provides a more accurate planning and cost estimate by studying and predicting past data outcomes. By analyzing previous results, AI software help improve predictive analytics and map out possible consequences that can impact a business.

4. AI Will be a Game-changer in Demographic Bias
There are instances when algorithms choose poor and unhelpful data, which results in a biased demographic. Bias demographics can cause inaccurate results leading you to make wrong judgments and decisions.

Artificial Intelligence has been conveniently utilized to address these systematic errors to give accurate, correct, and valid results. One way to bring this about is by introducing AI technologies in software development tested in a pattern or phenomenon in the real world.

By doing this, there is a greater chance of taking away factors and underlying algorithms that lead to decision biases—people in the tech world term this as a blind taste test.

Usually, a software system’s AI biases are directly correlated with its human creator’s prejudices. And like in real life, today’s world is slowly moving away from these biases and preconceived notions. The world is drastically changing. People are tearing down preconceptions, and along with them are the technologies they have created, including AI.

5. AI Investments for Software Development Will Continue to Increase
Because of AI’s undeniable status as leading technological innovation, it is safe to declare that the year 2021 will see a dramatic increase in AI investment for software development.

Companies that have embraced AI in their technology and business processes have seen far more benefits than those who do not.

Startup tech companies rely heavily on AI to better their software products and services, thus attracting more investors.

More money is invested in AI for software development since there is a constant and pressing need to discover the new technological requirements and innovations that offer the best and most profitable solution.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming indispensable in software development. It redefines the way coders, programmers, and developers work to provide improved solutions. We may not be aware of it, but almost everything around us is the product of AI in software development.

Additionally, the advancements we experience in our everyday lives are due to the ongoing transformation of technologies around us. The role of AI in software development impacts how we live.

From the simple act of checking our emails, scrolling our social media, and getting recommendations from shopping sites to as far-fetched but possible idea of self-driving cars and space tourism, these are all made possible using AI in software development.

The continual growth of AI software development is a clear and concrete indication that AI is the future.

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